I have heard it is true that the government of Toba Tek Singh is to replace the Government of Pakistan. Is my home, therefore, in Pakistan? There must be someone knowledgeable enough to know the country of my home; of me.

It is near impossible to find out more about this exchange between India and Pakistan. Surely the government officials will inform us any day now. They have to.

They have to, don’t they?

‘Uper the gur gur the annexe the bay dhyana the mung the dal the laltain.’

They act as if I am speaking gibberish. Why do they not know where Toba Tek Singh lies? I am growing weary, but of course I cannot stop my quest now. There is no time to rest until I know; nor is there information more vital to my condition.

Many days have passed since I have been in here blind to the outside world. I do not choose to be ignorant throughout the years. I promise I am trying. I need to know; it is my life. If only my family would still visit me, they would tell me. Without them, I have nothing to remind me of life before chaos and confusion.

Other inmates do not understand me or the possible repercussions of the split. If only they realized the need for truth like I do.

Who is this man here to visit me? I do not remember his face. He does not know where Toba Tek Singh is. He has no purpose to me.

It is time for me to leave for India.

Toba Tek Singh is in Pakistan. But. . . I am leaving for India. This cannot be true.

This is true.

I will have no home. My life is no more.

‘Uper the gur the annexe the bay dhyana mung the dal of Toba Tek Singh and Pakistan.’


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